Monday, July 20, 2009

A Prayer for Humility

O Father God
You who dwell in the highest heights
You who descend to save your creation,
Help me.

Your thoughts define purity and goodwill
Your deeds strength and gentleness,
Help me
O Other One.

Help me
You of splendor and glory
You of power and might
You of worthiness and awe
Help me.

I am weak and defiled
A struggler and a failure.
My pride is as a wild cow
Who runs from her master’s trough.
My neck is stiff
My eyes pealed open
My jaw welded in place
My brow an impervious battlement.

O my Father
My merciful Redeemer,
Break my neck
Crush my pride
Conquer my arrogance
Purge me from the folly of my selfish thoughts.

Take my hand in Yours
And conduct me confidently
Into the brilliant glow of your presence.
Bear me gently
Far from self and near to Thee.
Break me and mend me in your tender embrace.

You will show me a new assurance.
You will cause me to stand unassailable by my enemies.
You will endow me with constant freedom.
You will transform my life
Into a beautiful stream of life-giving water.

Praise unto You: the Source.
Glory to You: alone Holy and Divine.
Your humble servant is prostrate before You.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice.

I am taking a little blog tour now, and it hits me many today (in their last post) are talking about being fresh and innocent to God. This is what preoccupies us these days. For several reasons, of course, but I believe God sets the agenda on earth. The Lord tells the Christian what the subject is from week to week, and we will recognize it in other Christians.


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Why you? This is not spam, God’s dear.
I stand by what I do. I care.
Your senseless love to me I fear.
I mean it. I am good. Take care.

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