Friday, May 01, 2009

A Prayer of Praise

Holy Father
Open my mouth in praise to you
By opening my heart to Your lovingkindness
Through Your Divine word
And the knowledge of Your creation.
Your wondrous acts testify of Your tenderness
The sum of Your goodness cannot be taken.

The thrill of Your love is exhilarating
The confidence of Your mercy is a soothing elixir
The power of Your grace bridges hell with conquest.
Your justice is a loosed torrent
The dams of wickedness burst before it
Their remnant is lost beneath the swirling, foaming, rushing flood.

The joy of Your presence comforts the hopeless
He is lifted up from the abyss
He is carried by angel’s wings to the summit.
You and You alone are the Rock of triumph
You and You only rule the infinite with Your rod and Your cup.

Your holiness is exalted
Your righteousness a blazing torch that banishes darkness
Death retreats before You
And loss is reborn as glory by Your touch.
There is none like You
All Your creation is prostrate in Your presence.

Holy God, Holy One
Bless us with the tender touch of Your Divine hand
Continue to caress us with Your affection
Take not away from us the radiance of Your smile
Protect and guide our pilgrimage
Till we dwell redeemed and atoned before Your throne.

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