Monday, April 20, 2009

Twenty and Counting...

If anyone needs a 20 point sermon, see below. I actually only had 10 Sunday. I saw 10 more this morning. They are scattered among the 20.

I began with some background on stewardship, which is the main theme of the parable. I used 1 Peter 4.10-11. Then I read and discussed the parable itself. I concluded with the 10 points in almost staccato fashion. Perhaps I should have reconfigured and spent more time on the ten points. Your game plan may vary.

Parable of Talents
Matthew 25.14-30

1. All received a gift
2. All had ability
3. All had differing abilities
4. All were free, none were micro-managed
5. All had equal responsibility
6. Some were diligent, some were slothful
7. Some produced, some didn’t
8. The two-talent wasn’t jealous of the five-talent
9. The five-talent didn’t think he didn’t have to try
10. It was a long time till accounting day, time=opportunity
11. The one-talent was fearful, wicked, and lazy
12. The one-talent tried to blame someone else, ‘I knew you to be’
13. The one-talent tried to justify failure
14. The Master would have accepted less than the roaring success of the five and two – do something
15. I would say the five and two got more than they deserved
16. I would say the one got what was coming to him – wage vs gift (Romans 6)
17. The failed went to hell
18. The successful went to heaven
19. Choices have consequences
20. The Master’s decision was final

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